John Biographies


John Demers is California-born-and-raised and holds a degree in Communications from San Diego State University. In his ‘early-to-mid’ twenties, he started working at at the start of 2011. Prior to this position, he did a two-year stint working for a web start-up in Napa Valley. Finding himself schlepping to San Francisco more often than not, eventually he grew tired of the area and relocated to Los Angeles, where, when not at ManPlay HQ, he spends most of his time looking for Ryan Reynolds working out on the beach.

Terrence Biographies

Terrence Badd is a freelance journalist who has lived in Los Angeles for five years now. Originally hailing from Michigan, he got out of there as soon as he got the chance. While his topics of interest range from baseball to gardening, he’s been writing for gay-themed publications for several years now. He’s been working for for over a year, where he met his partner, Richard. Yes, Badd is his real surname.