Reasons why sex is GOOD for your health!

Afternoon to all the hot boys of ManPlay out there! I have some news to report on today that just might make your collective day! We are all fans of sex, I’m assuming, right? This is a site after all that makes it incredibly easy to meet hot gay men and to have all the hot hook-ups that we want! But were you aware just how good sex can be for you?! I sure wasn’t so I was happy to read an article that someone sent me today. It’ll give a whole new meaning the new time you tell someone you’re going to ‘work out’ later that night! Read on for some of the reasons why having a healthy sex life is incredibly healthy for us.

gay man with tattoos that is topless Reasons why sex is GOOD for your health!

First of all, sex is considered to be effective at reducing the risk of prostate cancer, which we all know is a very serious problem for men. Research suggests that having a lot of sex (which is considered five times a week or more – which might be not that much for some of us!) can reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer later on in life. As well, sex increases your immunity levels. Sex at least once or twice a week can increase the levels of the antibody immunoglobulin (IgA). This is going to be beneficial in fighting off colds and infections, which I think we can all agree is a good thing!

When we talk about sleeping with someone, we generally aren’t talking about actually sleeping. But did you know that having a healthy sex life will help you sleep better? And I’m not just talking about that great, deep sleep you sometimes have if you go to sleep right after sex. Oxytocin is something that relaxes the body and will promotes sleep and is created by having sex. Even though we’ve all read countless studies on the positive affects of a good night’s sleep, studies show that almost all of us aren’t getting enough sleep, so why not do something fun that increases the quality of your sleep? Sleep helps maintain a healthy weight, maintains healthy blood pressure levels and keeps your stress down, so do the right thing and get as much good sleep as you can! Speaking of oxytocin: Did you know it is known as the ‘love hormone’? I sure didn’t. When it’s released you feel good about yourself and about your partner as a result so it’s important for building intimacy in a relationship and helps your self-esteem levels. It’s a win-win!

The next one is something that I would go out on a limb with and say that gay men are quite concerned with in general: Fighting aging! I know, I know: We are not all youth-obsessed but I would say that as a generalization, it can seem fairly accurate, no? At any rate, having a healthy sex life is important for it increases the levels of the hormone DHEA, which is important for repairing tissues and a myriad of other important things like improving your cognitive functions and keeping your skin healthy. The increased blood circulation that you get as a result of a healthy sex life is what gives you that ‘post-sex glow’ that makes you look radiant right after the deed. Did you know that sex increases your collagen production which is a great way to prevent wrinkles? While some wrinkles might look sexy on George Clooney, I think we would all like to decrease the amounts we have or might have in the future. And Clooney almost definitely has a lot of sex, right!?! Along with helping fight the signs of aging, sex will also help reduce any pain that you might have, since as your endorphins increase through sexual activity, pain naturally decreases. Ailments from headaches to arthritis pain all can lessen through sex thanks to oxytocin!

gay man stripping Reasons why sex is GOOD for your health!

If all of those reasons aren’t enough for you to want to get (or keep!) a healthy sex life, I don’t know what would! What do you think about these suggestions, ManPlay-ers? Are they incentives for you to keep on ManPlay and ensure you’re doing something you enjoy that also has health benefits? Or is the fact that sex can be just plain fun enough for you to keep at it? Let me know in the comments and then discuss with other members in the chat rooms of ManPlay. You never know: You might end up finding your next ‘work out’ partner that way!



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